The school was born out of a deep love and inspiration that was given to Adel by his Grandfathers spiritual training. His maternal Grand Uncles, (affectionately called Nanas in Bangla), were Professor Syed Ali Ashraf and Professor Syed Ali Naqi.

Both Adel’s Father and Grandparents were heavily involved in the Islamisation of education movement that began in 1977 during the Makkah World Education conference organised by Professor Syed Ali Ashraf. More than 200 Muslim intellectuals across the globe got together to produce a series of academic publishings exploring how to teach a curriculum for Muslim students internationally where there wasn’t a conflict between ‘revealed knowledge’ and ‘acquired knowledge’.

The first actualisation of this was Darul Ihsan University, or DIU, a private university in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was founded by late Professor Syed Ali Ashraf in 1989. The government of Bangladesh accredited it as a private university in 1993.

Following his death, his younger brother Professor Syed Ali Naqi continued the legacy as Vice Chancellor despite varying challenges and opposition fractions.

Unfortunately, after his demise, the University was no longer able to continue and the government of Bangladesh closed Darul Ihsan University in 2017.

Darul Ihsan Prep School’s dream is to share the light that Darul Ihsan University was opened with and for the legacy of Professor Syed Ali Ashraf and Professor Syed Ali Naqi to continue through planting the seeds of love for the most beautiful religion brought to us by the Most Noble Messenger Muhammad (saw).